Why choose Drupal?

In my opinion Drupal has virtues that make it be above its competitors, and although it has some cons, the balance is always in its favor.

First of all I have to say something that I repeat a lot, that Drupal is a great option, but it does not make it the only option for everything. It is important to evaluate the requirements of our project and see if Drupal fits in them, or opt for some other tool, being this another CMS or a framework.


A group of cyclists gather on the coastal road of Vicente Lopez (Argentina) for training. They needed a place to coordinate outings and other group activities. They needed it fast and at low cost since it is a non-profit group.

Local Funeral wanted to build an end of life platform, an online portal where survivors and friends of the deceased can chat online with funeral directors, arrange funerals, make travel arrangements, invite guests, send gifts and create online memorials that could be used as a donation page to help cover the costs of the funeral. The website they wanted was going to be rich in content and they wanted to have the ability to easily scale, add control from the admin side. We recommended to use Drupal 7 as a platform and creating several custom modules. 

Secretos Turisticos wanted to launch a travel website where they could featured destinations, provide hotel recommendations, and advertise. The website was going to be rich in content and images. The users loading the content needed a website that was easy to use. 

Some recommended books and writings about Drupal

Here are some helpful links to books and writings about Drupal that you should check out in your spare time.

The modules that can't miss in Drupal 7

If you do not want to rough it there are certain Drupal modules that have to be really close to you in any project, be it a small or a large website


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Drupal is the best CMS (Content Management System) nowadays. Its 10+ years of history and its huge community ensure us flexibility, security and power.

Best practices on Drupal 7

Some tips to better face our Drupal projects. How to write code, where to put it and more