How we work. Our process.

Baires successfully guides projects through the entire lifecycle, from requirements, planning, visual design, architecture, development, quality assurance, implementation and maintenance.

Baires combines best practices and progressive techniques to deliver solutions for clients across the private and public enterprise sectors.



What to do?

The first step of our approach is to understand in detail the scope of the work. We evaluate all the requirements of the project, deadlines and resources needed. We present, discuss and recommend the best approach to our client. Together with our clients we agree on a timeline and phases for the project. 



On this stage, we divide the project into stages or phases. Each phase has a set of milestones. Each milestone has a deliverable. Each deliverable has a deadline. To achieve the best results for each deliverable we frequently meet with our client to receive feedback and tweak things around. Once we get the approval, we move on to the next milestone.



Our design team works together with the client on translating ideas into images, layouts, interactions, visual designs, and code.  Our developers start with the design, database and basic programming of the project.



We present a prototype of the website to the client and discuss the necessary adjustments to start developing the final product.



Our developers will start implementing the features previously agreed for each phase of the project. We schedule meetings with the client, and the frequency of the meetings depend on the complexity of the project. The communication during this stage is important to provide feedback to our developers about a specific feature or deliverable. Clients approve each deliverable before we move on to the next milestone.


Quality assurance

Once the development of the project is complete and approved by the client, we begin with the user acceptance testing. At this stage, we test every feature, discover and fix bugs; and we make the adjustments needed before delivery of the final product.


Project delivery

We deliver the final project and deploy it to the client's server.


Post luch support

Upon request, Baires offers full maintenance and support once the website is live.