Cases study

Local Funeral wanted to build an end of life platform, an online portal where survivors and friends of the deceased can chat online with funeral directors, arrange funerals, make travel arrangements, invite guests, send gifts and create online memorials that could be used as a donation page to help cover the costs of the funeral. The website they wanted was going to be rich in content and they wanted to have the ability to easily scale, add control from the admin side. We recommended to use Drupal 7 as a platform and creating several custom modules. 
A group of cyclists gather on the coastal road of Vicente Lopez (Argentina) for training. They needed a place to coordinate outings and other group activities. They needed it fast and at low cost since it is a non-profit group.
Secretos Turisticos wanted to launch a travel website where they could featured destinations, provide hotel recommendations, and advertise. The website was going to be rich in content and images. The users loading the content needed a website that was easy to use.